About Us

About Us

Welcome to Vanessa's Boutique Canada

Vanessa’s Boutique Canada is a Canadian company dedicated to help those recovering from surgical procedures and those who want to always look and feel their best. We offer high quality medical compression garments and post-surgical accessories for females including pregnancy and postpartum support garments and male compression garments featuring leading compression technology for daily or post- operatory use.

We are the official Canadian distributor of the world known most recommended brand by physicians FÁJATE  manufacture and designer of confortable post-surgical garments, girdles and medical accessories. We offer compression wear that can be used daily for body shaping, weight loss, body tightening and after liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, and other aesthetic procedures. Our shapewear and post-surgical accessories are made from strong and durable Power Net with inner softer lining to prevent markings on sensitive skin; other benefits include: Fabric contains microcapsules of Vitamin E to protect the skin from premature aging, all garments and bras offer removable straps for different uses and flat seams to prevent markings on outer clothing along with optical colour that blends in with most skin tones. Customer satisfaction and innovation is our main goal which we achieve by offering superior products at competitive prices “only for the best”. Our company offers high quality compression garments for daily use and post-surgical use.

Why Our Products Are the Best ?


Is an elastic fabric made of a mixture of polyamide and elastane. It
has the ability to adapt to the body and recover its original shape
very well. It has excellent elongation properties and its hexagonal
construction design when stretched, opens to give way to air ow.
It contains nylon which is a synthetic lament with elongation and
strength properties.
These are durable fabrics because they withstand a large volume of
stress for a long period of time without losing their original shape,
that is, they have a memory.



It’s a synthetic better known for its great elasticity and resistance.
It has the capacity to stretch several times its own size and regain its
original form.
It’s light, durable and easy to dye
It’s resistant to pressing and abrasion.
It absorbs moisture naturally which consists in its ability to remove
moisture from the skin of the person in order to keep it dry.
It’s resistant to bacteria.

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